Bring your design vision to life.  Genuine creativity, proven expertise and cutting-edge technologies are all woven through every precision-crafted product whether specifying preconfigured, short lead-time modules and systems, adapting brilliantly-designed, preconfigured architectural elements to meet tailored project needs, or partnering with clients through the Solutions Studio division to create something truly custom and extraordinary, Arktura is your manufacturing partner.


Arktura’s multidisciplinary teams bring together architects, designers, programmers, engineers, artists and project managers, all with a deep understanding of creative and manufacturing processes. They use their collective ingenuity to bridge the gaps between design intent and advanced manufacturing capability, having developed proprietary software and adapting industry-leading machinery to meet unique and evolving project demands.


Each of Arktura’s divisions draws on a deep and proven base of installations, leveraging their unique resources to produce precise, intelligent and visually stunning results. Browse their library or contact us today to see how they are Fueling Possibilities… for you.


Each of Arktura’s Standard Ceiling Systems provides an easy-to-install, out of the box, modular solution, with the flexibility to achieve a wide range of design visions for any type of space, all while transforming space and addressing key elements such as acoustics.

Atmosphera Analog 3D

With a rich history in complex custom jobs and a deep base of easily-specifiable standard solutions, Arktura’s team can easily meet in the middle to address unique and special project considerations, offering a “tailored” solution that stays on time and on budget.

Arktura Ceilings | Standard, Customizable, and Custom

With an emphasis on demystifying the notion of “custom,” Arktura seamlessly delivers powerful, cost effective installations as a result of their advanced software-to-manufacturing capabilities and their deep project management expertise.