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Arktura’s Customizable Ceiling Systems bring truly innovative, cutting-edge beauty to architecture and interior design. Build a tailored configuration of morphing fins, baffles and panels to fit the unique needs of your space make your vision a reality. Leverage our deep library of “standard” products and see how these tools be morphed to your unique requirements, saving time and money while never sacrificing on powerful design results.


Take your design to new heights using Arktura’s Atmosphera® family of products a modular, configurable, open baffle ceiling system with a range of tailored visual profiles and options. Atmosphera® can adapt to any space and help you achieve bold, beautiful results in architecture and interior design.


Graphic Perf® Scripted is a tool for drawing in metal. Arkturaâ’s in-house team has created software to fuel designers’ and architects’ creative sensibilities, and their advanced manufacturing technology provides the flexibility to execute any design. With Graphic Perf® Scripted, create a pattern and shape the identity of your space.


TriSoft® Dynamic acoustical system expands on TriSoft’s scalable, faceted dimensionality, with increased flexibility to create complex, undulating layouts, that bring added visual interest to spaces. Add quiet elegance to interiors through its metal substructure supported triangular faceted pyramid faces, composed of the Soft Sound® acoustical material.


Vapor® Graphic Perf® turns wall and ceiling tiles into a limitless canvas, combining the best aspects of two of Arktura’s most popular offerings Vapor® and Graphic Perf® into one versatile system. Let Arktura apply its proprietary, algorithmic software and manufacturing expertise to transfer any image or pattern into perforated metal panels. Like their Vapor® Family of Products, these are fully compatible with Arktura’s Vertika wall channel and standard grid systems, to make installation across walls and ceilings effortless. Add available custom color, Soft Sound® acoustic backer panels, and Arkluma integrated lighting, and the opportunities are truly endless.