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Customizable Wall Systems provide a canvas for your imagination to run wild. From overall configuration, right down to attachment points, perforations, patterns and finishes. Translate images and graphics to metal, or create a tailored textural pattern, to shape the identity of your space.


Give your walls personality and function through Arktura’s Graphic Perf® Standard Panels Family of products. Arktura’s Graphic Perf® Standard is the most effective and efficient way to make your design vision come to life.


Assembled from precision-cut tubes, Secare® panels add a textural and dimensional impact to any project. The choice of round or square tubing, the luxurious aesthetic of the brushed stainless steel and the variety of the powder coated options combine to create a versatile product range. Each preassembled module is designed to respond dynamically to the needs of your space.


Vapor® Graphic Perf® turns wall and ceiling tiles into a limitless canvas, combining the best aspects of two of Arktura’s most popular offerings Vapor® and Graphic Perf® into one versatile system. Let Arktura apply its proprietary, algorithmic software and manufacturing expertise to transfer any image or pattern into perforated metal panels. Like their Vapor® Family of Products, these are fully compatible with Arktura’s Vertika wall channel and standard grid systems, to make installation across walls and ceilings effortless. Add available custom color, Soft Sound® acoustic backer panels, and Arkluma integrated lighting, and the opportunities are truly endless.