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Each of Arktura’s Standard Ceiling Systems provides for an easy-to-install, out-of-the-box and fully modular solution with the flexibility to achieve a wide range of design visions for a broad away of spaces. You’ll be amazed by their library of available styles and preconfigured options, which open up a multitude of possibilities for design and acoustical impact. Download easy-to-use 3D files and watch how your space can instantly transform, making the ordinary extraordinary.

Alluvia Forest

Even with a minimal number of modules, you can generate huge design impact using Alluvia’s stunning tubular configurations and variations for a range of effects.

Atmosphera Standard Linea

Atmosphera Standard delivers a dynamic, yet scalable family of modular ceilings. All the benefits… made approachable and affordable.

Delta Drop 2x4

Delta Drop uses faceted geometry to transform the visual possibilities for tiled ceiling systems.

Arktura Standard Ceiling

SoftFold achieves acoustical dampening while creating a subtle play between light and shadow.


The SoftGrid family of ceiling elements opens up a multitude of possibilities for design and acoustical impact.

Arktura Standard Ceiling

SoftPlanes by Arktura offers seamless, subtle ceiling landscapes with real acoustical benefits.

Arktura Standard Ceiling

SoundAngle’s V-shaped baffles offer a scalable way to add dimensionality and decrease acoustical reverberations across spaces.


SoundBar acoustical baffle & lighting system delivers high performance noise reduction and sleek integrated illumination in a single cost-effective, versatile product.

Arktura Standard Ceiling

SoundEdge offers flexible building blocks to easily achieve enhanced acoustical performance and design effects.

Arktura Standard Ceiling

SoundStar’s hexagonal shape offers a scalable way to add geometric dimensionality and disrupt sound’s ability to travel.

Arktura Standard Ceiling

Sphera’s cloud-like groupings of rings create visual interest through an interplay of organic and geometric design cues.

Switch 48

Switch 48 is a carefully composed collection of aluminum rods held in three-dimensional space.

Trace Straight

Trace introduces subtle visual interest inspired by the ephemeral beauty of mist or cirrus clouds.

TriSoft Dynamic

TriSoft ceiling system makes it easy to add faceted dimensionality and quiet elegance to interiors.


Vapor ceiling system achieves modern expression through abstract pattern.


Vapor Soft makes it easy to achieve dramatic visual effects while enhancing acoustic performance at any scale.