Revolutionizing the Built Environment… in 3D

Branch Technology is steadily changing the way building designs and construction are approached and carried out. Since its founding in 2014, Branch has been inspired by nature to build sustainably and efficiently, combining industrial robotics, 3D printing, powerful geometry-based algorithms, and an innovative "freeform" extrusion system that enables unprecedented design freedom and resource efficiency. Branch works with developers, architects, builders, and sectors of the US government to bring the productivity and design freedom of direct digital fabrication to the built environment.


3D Printing Process

Every designer should have the freedom to design imaginatively, intelligently, and without the limitations of conventional construction materials. Branch's revolutionary additive manufacturing process, Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab®), is built on a new technique called Freeform 3D printing that allows printed material to solidify in free space without supports. This unique capability produces ultra-lightweight and material-efficient parts at a construction scale with a structural capacity greater than traditional framing methods.


Ordinary Budget, Extraordinary Impact


BranchMatrix™ is an open lattice material that can take on virtually any shape or form.

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BranchClad is a mass-customized cladding system that enhances conventional, mass-produced, ventilated rainscreen facade systems.

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BranchClad Interiors

With endless contour and shaping capabilities, designers can create truly stunning interior walls.

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StoPanels are prefabricated megapanels with unprecedented design freedom.

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Benefits of Prefabrication

Although our society has developed immensely in the digital technology sector, the construction industry has yet to embrace digital transformation. Construction, today, continues to rely on manual processes like the archaic, yet prevailing, post and beam method. This has become a critical bottleneck in regard to on-site productivity and material efficiency. Workers are walking around with materials up to 40% of the time they are on site. To make matters worse, waste from these job sites makes up 30% of our landfills. With Branch’s digital tools and prefabrication, time and effort spent on site is used optimally with near-zero material waste.


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