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Incomparably durable, distinctively beautiful, definitively authentic and unexpectedly affordable, natural slate is the world’s leading natural cladding solution and CupaClad is its leading producer. Offering versatile cladding choices to suit your individual project and design visions, ranging from the traditional to the ultra contemporary, pure slate cladding combines the natural benefits of this renowned material with traditional craftsmanship, expertise and environmentally-friendly production methods to create this elegant and durable material.


Why Slate?

Slate is a material that has withstood the test of time, entirely formed by nature over 500 million years. Each slate panel is truly unique with its individual texture telling the story of the forces that created it. Architects and designers are drawn to CupaClad slate for its inimitable aesthetics, from the light play and nuanced coloration to the incredible creative freedom across applications. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, CupaClad slate is exceptionally durable, demonstrated by the mere fact that it will still function and look the same some 100 years from now. It is nonfading, nonweathering, and noncombustible all while retaining elegance and character far beyond any man-made alternative.

Where Does Quality Slate Come From?

Sourcing Slate

Mining regions define the very quality and purity of the slate across the globe. All CupaClad slate is extracted and selected from one of Cupa’s 20-owned quarries in Northern Spain, which account for the highest quality materials across the industry. To put this into perspective, the world’s second largest producer of slate oversees just four quarries.

Once slate is extracted, it is brought into one of Cupa’s 24 on-site processing plants. There, slate is skillfully split and handcrafted by craftsmen to produce panels with no chemical products or additional treatments added, truly keeping the material to its purest form.

Patented Fastening Systems

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CupaClad is a fully engineered cladding system that combines the drainage and ventilation benefits of a rainscreen application.

101 Series – Concealed Fastener

201 Series – Exposed Fastener


An Enduring Commitment to the Environment

CupaClad is a fully engineered cladding system that combines the drainage and ventilation benefits of a rainscreen application.

CupaClad is at the forefront of progress in environmental sustainability and quality standards. As a carbon-neutral company, their commitment shows in the product they produce and the continuous improvements to the production processes, all with a clear focus on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

CupaClad is an ecological option with a lower environmental impact than any other cladding alternative. There are no heating or chemical processes involved as natural slate is only subject to extraction and mechanical transformation. Even slate remnants and excess materials are repurposed and back-filled into the quarries they came from, all to support a circular life cycle of production.

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