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Movable Seating Solutions provides comprehensive engineering solutions for multipurpose spaces, such as conference rooms, conference centers, theaters or large multipurpose spaces. Right from the start of a project, our team of experts advises on the most appropriate engineering solutions to make use of and optimize a space according to the customer’s needs. Figueras Movable Seating Solutions will advise you on the best automatic system for your venue: Mutasub, Mutarail, and Mutawheel Systems, as well as the Folding Tiers.


Maximum multi-functionality of space: enables the creation of multi-purpose halls by storing the seat rows within the hall floor. System allows individual and sequential folding of seat rows mounted on a highly-rigid aluminum bar on supporting feet. The Mutasub System can be automatic or manual. The process is simple and fast. The system does not require any specific maintenance operations. The Mutasub System Concept is ideal for places which host all types of events, from conferences to concerts, but is also a solution for theatres, auditoriums, convention centres, hotels, clinics or even churches. The Mutasub System uses seats from the Flex and MiniSpace range from Figueras.


Movable seat system which allows a hall to change look in a few minutes. The seat rows move along rails on the floor to storage under the stage. Movement is automatic. The process is simple and fast and allows the maximum optimization of the hall. The Mutarail System Concept is ideal for places which host all types of events, from conferences to concerts, but is also a solution for theaters, auditoriums, convention centers, hotels, clinics or even churches. The Mutarail system uses seats from the Flex range from Figueras, specifically the 6035 Flex and 6061 Flex models, although other models may be used. Safety: anti-swivel and anti-tilt system for the rows.


This dynamic movable seating system allows venues to be reconfigured or cleared in a matter of minutes with minimal labour. Figueras’ quick release latch and anti-roll caster system allow groups of seats to safely rotate 360 degrees through the smallest spaces. With a solid and permanent [fixed] feeling structure, audiences can enjoy the comfort of a premium theatre or multipurpose seat with all the benefits of a modular and flexible system. No holes are required in the floor or inconvenient and unsightly loose floor bars


Maximum multi-use of the hall; automatic system based on retractable tiered seating with folding and unfolding mechanism. Ideal solution for arenas or multi-use spaces although they may be also employed in smaller venues, such as theaters or corporate conference halls. Figueras telescopic stands allow optimum visibility from any position. Blocking system for maximum safety. Maintenance and durability: when the seats are not in use, they are protected from all external agents. Figueras telescopic stands may be used with all types of seats; the most frequent ones are the 5067 MiniSpace, 5071 MiniSpace, 5064 MiniSpace and 6061 MicroFlex models which are compact models which are easily stored.