Beautiful solutions for private, open, and collaborative space.  Lex is lean lines and refined minimalism.  With a variety of sophisticated components, inherent flexibility, and limitless scalability, Lex is a seamless experience for the unified office.     


Mitre is anchored by a minimalist workwall that features the application of unique and sophisticated materials. Mitre pedestals and cabinets are available with an optional base accent to complement the lines and proportion of the finger pull.  Companion pieces- desks, guest seating, lounge seating, offer various detail options that complement the workwall and complete the environment.  Mitre possess a timeless quality where simplicity, proportion, attention-to-detail, and elegance in execution ensure the longevity of the design statement. 


Clean lines and integral wood finger pulls highlight a modern, timeless design. 

Best of NeoCon 2013: Gold Award | Systems Enhancements

Interior Design Magazine: Best of Year Winner | Contract Desking


HALO Office brings lasting beauty and innovation to your workspace. Desk surfaces are encircled by the HALO edge, providing unique protection with patent-pending impact-resistance. Any chair striking the work surface edge is defended from damage by Halo’s remarkable perimeter profile. The desk surface is equally protected with adjustable-height controls cleanly integrated into the HALO edge. Modern storage components as can be configured to meet any need. Thoughtful modules create perfectly-tailored solutions to your unique office.