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Mitrex is harnessing the power of solar to make a meaningful and positive difference in the world. Mitrex’s building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) facades allow building owners and developers to transform mid-to-high-rise buildings and structures like schools, airports, and hospitals into power plants that generate clean and sustainable energy using integrated cladding, solar railings, solar glass, and other products.

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The amount of sunlight that hits the earth in one hour provides more power than the entire world consumes in one year. Photovoltaic cells are required to convert this source of unlimited, clean energy. However, the adoption of solar technology has traditionally been limited by size, aesthetic options, and land area needed. The BIPV solar technology is entirely customizable to achieve the look of any surface material, transparency, pattern, or texture, and a patented coating process maximizes energy generation and ensures the panels last for decades. Mitrex uses monocrystalline or thin-film solar technology depending on the application and aesthetic desired.

All Mitrex modules are safety-tested and code compliant to guarantee safe and durable solar building materials: NFPA 285 Fire Rated, ASTM E331-00 Water Penetration, ASTM E1886-13a Pressure Cycling, PV Safety Testing – IEC 61730


Why choose Mitrex?

Mitrex products utilize the latest technology to maximize energy efficiency, structural strength, and durability. Click tabs below to learn more about Mitrex and its benefits!


Comprehensive Solutions for Your Next Project

As urban centers continue to grow, construction has a vital role in creating sustainable cities. Mitrex is providing a solution that allows architects and developers to harness solar energy at the same cost as non-sustainable materials.

BIPV Solar Technology

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Solar Facade

Mitrex’s Solar Facade is an energy-efficient solution for both new and existing buildings.

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Solar Railing

Extend solar energy generation to balconies, maximizing energy production on otherwise unused surfaces.

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Solar Glass

Incorporate renewable energy into the windows of your next building.

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All Products

Deep, consistent texture is engraved into the glass, resembling rolled or cast glass.

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Embracing Renewable Energy

Mitrex makes it easy for clean energy generation to be mass-adopted by integrating solar technology into all available surfaces, creating hybrid products that do not sacrifice aesthetics, functionality, or cost. Mitrex’s extensive technology development promises a plethora of integrated solar products in the near future, aimed at ultimately turning every sun-touched surface into a micro powerplant. We believe in sustainable development that meets the needs of present generations, without compromising the rights of those in the future.

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