Glass Partitions: Art Meets Science

At Muraflex, wall systems are the melding of leading design, advanced science, and precise manufacturing. To us, walls are a business transcending “product” and extending deep to our genuine passion for innovating new possibilities. Muraflex designers and engineers have crafted the industry’s most aesthetically-defining, systemically-beneficial glass wall toolsets for architects and designers to do their job… transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments and experiences.

demountable walls

What are Demountable Walls?

Demountable walls, also referred to as movable walls and demountable partitions, are architectural wall systems that can be unmounted, relocated, and reinstalled at a new location. This flexibility creates reconfigurable spaces, allowing the transformation of traditional offices into open plans and vice versa.

Muraflex Benefits

Future-Proof Your Space

Thinking of the flexible, adaptable, healthy future of spaces where people work? Break the grid of fixed plans and build-outs with Muraflex’s demountable wall systems.


Muraflex Systems

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Our Process

Built to Help Serve You

Not only does Muraflex seek to make its products easily demountable and movable, Muraflex also always attends to its clients’ specific needs. We know that every project is unique, and some might need a custom option. We have a team of people that will work to make these designs come to life.


Elegance & Functionality Meets Sustainability

Creating spaces where people can live and work with access to natural light is simply not enough if the world outside those spaces become threatening, polluted, and inhospitable. Muraflex takes every care possible to be responsible global citizens to ensure that we are building a bright, safe future for our communities and our planet.

Muraflex’s products are purposefully designed to be environmentally conscious. Spaces with glass partitions can receive an abundance of direct sunlight, not only improving employee health and wellbeing, but also minimizing electrical usage, thus lowering the building’s carbon footprint.

Muraflex evaluates every action from product development, materials sourcing, manufacturing, delivery, and its policies. All Muraflex services and products fully comply and/or follow all necessary and legal Health, Safety, and Welfare guidelines established by the American Institute of Architects. In addition to those guidelines, Muraflex has worked diligently to achieve numerous accreditations, recognitions, and superlative ratings for the environmental impact, safety considerations, and sustainability of its products.

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