E X P O  :  T E L E S C O P I N G  W A L L S

Open your design mind and workspaces… quite literally. With EXPO telescoping walls, your options have just expanded. Control environments dynamically by opening and closing off zones, areas and rooms while infusing and controlling light and flow as required.

Unique ceiling-hung construction is what makes the suspended EXPO system a true stand out. A patented upper attachment allows EXPO’s panels to hover just millimeters above the floor and glide effortlessly when opening and closing without involving tracks, grooves or rollers from below. Interlocking panels and telescoping construction provides the structure to resist bowing and flexing while meeting the most stringent of building codes possible, even while traveling over wide spans.

Muraflex’s industry-leading EXPO system provides dynamic separation when you need it, and wide open space when you don’t.