At Muraflex, demountable wall systems are a genuine calling and craft and, yet, not all environments require just demountable walls. Muraflex engineers have crafted some of the industry’s most aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful free-standing workspaces. Whether for group gatherings and discussions or solo person focus spaces in the midst of today’s open and sometimes chaotic environments, Muraflex pods elegantly and uniquely solve for specific design and space planning requirements and afford you a unique opportunity to think outside the standard box.


ARCO is a freestanding pod, available in three sizes, which offers visual transparency and whose geometrical disposition helps to reduce the noise disturbance often found in the open floor plan workspace.


Available in various sizes and designed to eliminate unwanted distractions in open-plan office environments, Zitto is not only a soundproof private space for one or a few people, but also a beautifully designed piece of interior architecture.