Q U A D R O  :  D E M O U N T A B L E   P A R T I T I O N S

QUADRO is designed with elegance and prestige in mind. With its “picture-frame” details and ability to mix-and-match finishes, QUADRO outlines every elevation as though it were a piece of art.

Along with QUADRO’s 17 standard finishes, Muraflex offers new brushed metal finishes, as well as real wood veneers applied to aluminum extrusions.

Available in both single and double glazed configuration, QUADRO enables you to create a transition between spaces with its reveal profile detail, which can be customized to match each office and corridor space. Therefore, you can create a unique look on the inside of your office and a completely different look on the outside, all while using the same standard extrusions thanks to its clever multifunction clipping system.