At Muraflex, wall systems are the melding of leading design, advanced science and precise manufacturing. To us, walls are a business transcending “product” and extending deep to our genuine passion for innovating new possibilities. Muraflex designers and engineers have crafted the industry’s most aesthetically-defining, systemically-beneficial glass wall toolsets for architects and designers to do their job… transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments and experiences.


MIMO from Muraflex is the most flexible wall design tool available, allowing for a broad range of tailored looks and functionality.  With almost unlimited configurations and finish options, married to the systems’ already fully versatile nature, MIMO gives you options you never thought possible.


EXPO a telescoping wall system that allows you to dynamically create and define the open – and closed – spaces you wish. Traffic flow. Natural light. Sound-controlled privacy. Whatever you have in mind, EXPO delivers.


FINO is an elegant and sophisticated demountable wall system whose design was inspired by the Italian word FINO itself, meaning thin. Refined beauty transforming and elevating spaces like never before.


ARCO is a freestanding pod which offers visual transparency and whose geometrical disposition helping, once inside, to reduce the noise disturbance commonly found in the open plan workspaces.


PLANIKA’s flexibility, convenience, aesthetic and ease of installation make it the perfect solution for fully demountable, configurable partitions. Fire rated, healthcare rated and with advanced, gasketed sound controls, and incorporating a range of finishes and cabling/electrical, PLANIKA sets a new industry standard.


QUADRO is designed with elegance and prestige in mind. With its picture frame-like detailing, offering the sense of frames floating in space, QUADRO outlines every elevation as though each space beyond is it’s own work of art waiting to be viewed and experienced.


Available in various sizes and designed to eliminate unwanted distractions in open-plan office environments, Zitto is not only a soundproof private space for one or a few people, but also a beautifully designed piece of interior architecture.