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For over 75 years, the Bright Chair Company has been an independent manufacturer of high quality, finely tailored upholstered furniture in both classic-contemporary and traditional styles. All handcrafted in Middletown, NY, Bright Chair provides you with the ability to customize each piece to your design vision or client’s specifications while providing for a level of quality that makes pieces ideal for high-use hospitality, public reception, higher education, workplace environments.

Figueras’ exceptional range of seats meets the needs of all types of venues while providing character, personality, comfort, design and functionality. Figueras’ Fixed Seats collection is designed with detailed attention and consideration to capacity, sight lines, ergonomics and comfort.

Halcon seating incorporates minimalist lines into a bench seating design that speaks to simplicity and modernism. Both the Halo and Oxer series incorporate minimalist lines into a seating design that speaks to simplicity and modernism. Each seating system includes gracious cushion and available adjacent, convenient table surfaces. Optional power integration, including wireless charging, results in a clean, nearly invisible technology interface.

Isomi’s seating is specified from a range of modular components, making it adaptable to meet the needs of any reception or public space. Isomi seating is the ideal complement to the desks and table in the same range.

Moroso has been visionary, daring and certain of the advantage of combining hand-craftsmanship and tailoring with advanced industrial processing techniques to create truly distinctive products. Drawing inspiration from the worlds of industrial design, contemporary art and fashion, Moroso has built an iconic furnishings dynasty that sets it apart as one of the world’s truly esteemed design leaders.