Skyline Design’s approach blends a broad spectrum of creative expression with today’s most advanced technologies. As a recognized innovator of glass manufacturing, Skyline’s inventive techniques and processes expand the possibilities of glass to improve the utility and beauty of spaces for work, health, study, home, and play. Founded in 1983, the company has continually redefined patterned glass in architecture and interior design, making glass the prominent creative building material it is today.

Design Leadership

For over 30 years, Skyline Design has set industry standards by pairing passion and knowledge about fabricating glass with a resolute commitment to design. Skyline Design partners with leading architects, artists, and designers to redefine patterned glass in architecture. These intimate collaborations result in products that enhance color, luminosity, movement, and privacy in built interiors.

Shown above (from left): Suzanne Tick, Alexander Girard, Patricia Urquiola, Michael Graves, Scholten & Baijings.