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Arktura SoftSpan

Arktura SoftSpan Ceiling System

SoftSpan™ introduces a new, versatile ceiling baffle system that brings the look of coffered ceilings or large timber trellises to spaces without the weight, while enhancing acoustics and reducing the impact of noise. Use its flexible, scalable system of modules as clouds or gridded seamlessly across expanses of any size. 

Arktura Particle

Arktura Particle Ceiling System

Particle™ is an innovative line of micro-perforated wall & ceiling panels that offer ease of installation, accessibility, and accessory possibilities with finer perforations and detail than ever before. Its intricate yet subtle complexity lends visual interest to spaces big and small and will have people looking twice.


Muraflex EXPOv2 Telescoping Wall System

The EXPOv2 features framed glass panes offering a tighter seal and much better acoustic properties. An available drop seal and double glazing further bolster the EXPOv2’s acoustic properties and provide better privacy for meeting participants as well as silent concentration for those working outside the meeting space. The EXPOv2 also features switch glass that can render the glass wall either clear or opaque at the press of a button, according to the immediate needs of the user.

Halcon Crew Table

Halcon Crew Mobile Table

Experience an elegant mobile solution where every seat at the table affords maximum comfort. CREW’s innovative mobile flip-top design places legs at the far corners of the table, ensuring unconstrained leg room for everyone, regardless of your configuration. Power and data are smartly integrated into the table edge, seamlessly and conveniently meeting your technology needs.

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Halcon Crew Credenza

CREW sideboards are a complete storage solution with graceful curves to soften your modern meeting space. Featuring clean lines and beautiful integral finger pulls, credenzas are a stunning complement to the CREW table offering.

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Halcon Halo Hand Sanitizer Station

The HALO Hand Sanitizer Station beautifully combines touch-less hand sanitizer, waste receptacle, and dispenser for hand wipes or disposable gloves into a single freestanding unit.

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Skyline Design Obscura Architectural Glass

The Obscura™ collection—from the Latin word for a darkened enclosure—is an innovative PVC-free polyester film system for use on new and existing architectural glass, plexiglass and steel surfaces. Applied in horizontal bands, Obscura provides privacy in incremental dimensions at various heights in a range of refined, tinted neutrals.

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Wilkhahn AT Mesh Task Chair

The AT Mesh 187/71 Range is equipped with Wilkhahn’s patented Trimension® technology, which combines the auto-centering suspension of the seat, backrest shell and 3D movement capabilities with a synchronous adjustment system – users simply sit down, adjust the seating height and the chair does the rest. The self-centering suspension of the seat shell ensures the body maintains its center of gravity, regardless of the posture adopted or the movement made; “free-to-move” capabilities encourage well-being, health, creativity, and productivity, while maintaining the body’s center of gravity.

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Wilkhahn OCCO Conference Chair

Designed by jehs + laub in collaboration with Wilkhahn, the modular Occo 222 Range rises to the challenge with its distinctive frame shape, clean lines, and backrest cut-out. The sleek frame design offers an airy and light appearance, while also providing outstanding comfort and support.