Enjoy All the Benefits of Wood... Without the Hassles

Woodn is a leading global manufacturer integrating its patented wood and polymer material across North America to mimic the exact look of wood without the issues frequently associated with real wood. Woodn is built to last and is the only engineered wood composite that can be used for applications that, until recently, were beyond the reach of designers.

Material Properties

What is a Technical Wood?

Woodn is a composite material, consisting of a wood and PVC-based polymer alloy. The wood used for all Woodn projects comes from FSC-certificated supply, which identifies responsibly sourced wood from ethically managed forests.

NFPA 285 / Class-A Rated

Complies with the highest fire standards to ensure safety

NOA Compliant
Miami Dade County Wind Load

Suitable for the harshest of elements

Water & Fungal Resistant
Withstands Humid Climates

Not subject to common flaws associated with wood

UV- Stable
Maintains Color Aesthetics

Woodn colors/tones remain unchanged over time

Easy to Install and Transport

Woodn can reduce significant cuts in logistics costs

Curved Features

Can be thermoformed to adopt to curves and complex surfaces

Low Maintenance
Owner Friendly

Enjoy wood without the necessary upkeep


Does not emit formaldehyde or other toxic substances

100% Recyclable

Uses 25% post-consumer FSC-Certified wood

Utilized by Globally Recognized Architects

Material of Choice

Thanks to the unlimited variety of applications, architects from all over the world have chosen Woodn to transform their ideas into reality.

Daniel LIbeskind

Phillipe Starck

Antonio Citterio

Piero Lissoni


Woodn Colors Your Ideas

Woodn offers various colors for spectacular decorative and aesthetic solutions. Each panel is visually unique and restores the natural feel and look of wood.

Multiple Shapes, Countless Applications


Woodn is extruded into countless unique shapes and profiles to create an exquisite, highly versatile new wood ideal for indoor and outdoor ceilings, walls, louvers, shade structures, decking, and so much more. Click below to discover the amazing range of creations realized with Woodn.

Indoor Cladding
Indoor Ceilings
Outdoor Ceilings and Soffits
Outdoor Cladding
Louvers and Sunscreens
Canopy Structures


Leading the Sustainable Way

Woodn’s pulp bases come from FSC-certificated supplies, identifying raw beech and spruce woods sourced from ethically managed forests. Woodn adheres to strict environmental, social, and economic standards for all of its products.

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