The beauty of wood…with all the benefits of a technical wood composite. WoodN is a leading global manufacturer based in Italy, offering its patented, innovative material across North America. Its wood-and PVC-based polymer mix is extruded into countless unique shapes and profiles to create an exquisite, highly versatile new wood ideal for indoor and outdoor ceilings, walls, louvres, shade structures, decking and so much more. WoodN’s pulp bases come from FSC certificated supplies, identifying raw beech and spruce woods sourced from ethically managed forests. WoodN adheres to strict environmental, social and economic standards for all of its products. The result of this new wood alchemy is a technical wood product that looks like wood, yet far surpasses it in performance, weight, durability, ease of installation, water and flame resistance, oxidation, maintenance and cost, all while preserving wood’s natural beauty for a full range of indoor and outdoor applications.