A New Frame of Reference

4SPACE™ fronts deliver a quiet, minimalistic design that opens space for expression, offering a new frame of reference in modern design. Paired with fast, easy, and reliable specification and delivery, 4SPACE fronts fit a variety of everyday installations. Made in the U.S.A., they offer a 20-day or less lead time with consistent, predictable pricing. Elevate your environment with 4SPACE’s elegant and efficient solutions, designed to meet the highest standards of modern architectural aesthetics.

Demountable Walls

What are demountable walls?

Demountable walls, also referred to as movable walls and demountable partitions, are architectural wall systems that can be unmounted, relocated, and reinstalled at a new location. This flexibility creates reconfigurable spaces, allowing the transformation of traditional offices into open plans and vice versa.

Future-Proof Your Space

Demountable Wall Benefits

Thinking of the flexible, adaptable, healthy future of spaces where people work? Break the grid of fixed plans and build-outs with demountable wall systems.

Solutions for Every Space

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Architectural Details


Single-channel glass front wall system designed with simple, slim lines and seamless transitions.


Available in plastic; 2way, 3way, inline glazing connectors connect adjacent glass panels with adhesive tape. Inline Transition Post is used to create flyby connection with Haworth solid walls or traditional construction.


The details make the difference. Room scheduler brackets and Glazing Strips allow for design customization. The removable clad simplifies installation.

Swing Doors

Available with a pivot hinge. Framed single glazed and glass slab door leaf options in single-door and double-door configurations.

Sliding Doors

Framed single glazed and glass slab door leaf options in single-door and double-door configurations.


Hardware available on 4SPACE include cylinder locks, locking ladder pull, non-locking ladder pull, soft close sliding doors, closers, and drops seals.

Elegance & Functionality Meets Sustainability

Striving for Sustainability

Drawing from experts from within the company and outside our industry, Haworth developed ambitious targets for leveraging its core strengths and driving its mission forward. 4Space offers the ultimate in transparency. From design to acoustics to sustainability strategies and beyond, learn how 4Space walls can perform for you.

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