Military Precision Meets Furniture Design

Emeco was founded to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant chairs for the U.S. Navy. For this very important client, the company designed the now classic 1006 Navy Chair. Today, Emeco craftspeople in Hanover, Pennsylvania continue to handcraft chairs that are so durable, they are passed down through generations.

Made in USA

Mostly from recycled materials. But always to last.

Emeco makes all products in the USA, just like always, since 1944. At its factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Emeco’s craftsmen turn scrap aluminum into chairs so strong, they are guaranteed for life.

77 Steps – The Process

The Making of the Chairs That Outlasted Battleships

In 1944, Emeco’s story starts with recycled aluminum - a wartime necessity - and a unique 77-step process engineered for a specific assignment - a chair to withstand the US Navy. Life on a ship is tough. Salt water. Salt air. The occasional torpedo blast. Survival will require a very resilient material. 77 steps turn ordinary scrap aluminum extraordinarily strong. This labor intense process is Emeco’s heritage, its DNA and what they do at the factory every day.

Emeco Product Collection

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Have a seat. Emeco has been making chairs since 1944. Dining chairs, work chairs, café chairs, outdoor chairs.


On a higher level. Discover counter stools and barstools - with backrests and without, stools for outdoor use and upholstered stools.

Benches & Daybeds

The long and short of it. Benches and daybeds for indoor and outdoor, for communal seating or home settings.


Versatility. With longevity built in. Discover Emeco's dining tables, café tables, outdoor tables, and more.

Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy the seasons with outdoor furniture. Emeco's outdoor furniture is built to last. Come rain or shine.

Sitting Lightly and Sustainably

Begin with what's left over. Turn it into what will last.

Emeco started with scrap aluminum. Today there's a lot more to reclaim. Around 90% of its product range is made from recycled materials, and Emeco will keep improving.

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