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Whether looking to our library of standard products to help find something easily specifiable, or working side-by-side to create a tailored or even fully custom solution, it is our goal to help you bring your design concept expertly to life. ARCHITYPE has completed thousands of projects and brings this experience and expertise to every project.

SoFi Stadium

Los Angeles, CA

An unrivaled sports and entertainment destination. SoFi Stadium is the home of the LA Rams, LA Chargers, Super Bowl LVI, the 2023 College Football Championship, and the 2028 Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

Zahner, the premier architectural, engineering, and manufacturer of metal facades, finishes, and sculptures, was brought on board to consult and collaborate with the HKS team. This collaboration process, referred to as Zahner Assist, allowed HKS to ultimately prove its design and materials regarding the stadium's magnificent independently-supported canopy.

During the Zahner Assist phase, Zahner was asked to develop an anodized finish with a white tint, which did not exist in the marketplace at that time. Using Zahner's expertise in metallurgy, Zahner developed a “Frost White” anodized finish on aluminum, which provided solutions to key challenges and demands of the project. Some of these challenges were perfecting the amount of light, transparency, and airflow through the perforated Zahner metal skin.

Wilshire Grand

Los Angeles, CA

WIth Mecho installed in U.S. Bank Tower in 1987, the tallest building West of the Mississippi, it was only natural to have Mecho installed as base-building standard in the new and even taller Wilshire Grand Tower in Downtown Los Angeles.

City Center

Las Vegas, NV

Natural light is an essential component of building design. The challenge many architects and designers face is controlling natural light while keeping function and their vision intact. At the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, bright lights in the night sky illuminate this key tourist destination. By using Mecho shades, the Aria was able to showcase the night sky while blocking the daytime sun. The Aria’s non-traditional curves and angles required specialized window coverings and Mecho took on the challenge of providing custom shades to meet the architect's vision.

Television Academy of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

The Television Academy of Los Angeles, known worldwide for producing the annual presentation of the Emmy awards, needed a new space in accordance with the changes taking place in the television industry. Figueras was selected to equip the theater with 595 top-of-the-line, generously-sized, ergonomic Smart Fix Seats finished in an elegant Bordeaux red.

The theater’s seating configuration gives every seat and audience member a perfect sight-line. To achieve evenly-spaced rows, Figueras created four versions of the Smart seat with differing center-to center dimensions. Ten of the theater’s seats are removable to accommodate stage and sound equipment.

71 Above

Los Angeles, CA

Transforming a staid executive boardroom into a visually outstanding and mutlifaceted culinary experience was the goal for 71 Above. Tag Front and the owner engaged Arktura to propose an acoustic ceiling solution to allow for vibrant experiences without impeding intimacy. A sweeping 360-degree-view carries the eye upward, setting the importance of a symbiotic relationship within design and function. Through a series of geometric and scale studies of Arktura’s custom and standard solution systems, and by presenting an array of visual possibilities, SoundStar® – a faceted, hexagonal coffer – was recommended by Arktura and selected by the owner, to complement the circular form of the building. Resulting from a compassionate vision and commitment to perfection by the project team, harmony was formed and refined in this luxurious and iconic revision of the US Bank Tower. A marquee achievement of design, collaboration, ingenuity, taste, and experience.

The BAR Center at the Beach

Venice, CA

Amid the dive bars, fast-food joints, and tattoo stands populating a funky stretch of the famed Venice boardwalk stands a luminescent jewel: BAR Center at the Beach, a community facility that’s part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. Its bright-white, three-dimensional facade, the work of Belzberg Architects, is aglow day and night like a sculptural installation amid towering palm trees backdropped by the Pacific Ocean.

Its dimensional aspect comes from Arktura’s aluminum panels, powder-coated white. Panels are treated with anti-graffiti coating; should vandalism occur, panels can be removed and replaced. Utilizing four software programs to devise the pattern, the six panel types are, again, triangular in form and mounted on a hexagonal base. They join a glass curtain wall patterned via a sandwiched laminate. Combined, the elements form an abstracted Star of David in varying scales, as does the glazing pattern.

Rutan & Tucker

Irvine, CA

A professional first impression is essential for any law firm. These LA-based attorneys chose QUADRO demountable walls by Muraflex for their high-rise office, creating a perfect blend of elegance and privacy. QUADRO’s veneered snap-on trim exudes a warmer feel and matches the office’s minimalist aesthetics. QUADRO also makes for a stunning reception area, giving access to the outdoor view throughout the office.

Our Design Support Process

Schematic Design

Schematic Design

• Early Design Collaboration
• Presentations + Renderings
• Preliminary Budgeting
• Materiality Options
• Sustainability Considerations + Requirements

Design Development

Design Development

• Technical Assistance with Construction Details
• Holistic Approach to Include Overall Project Goals
• Review of Project Scope + Application
• Applicable Electrical Layout + Lighting Recommendations
• Preliminary Writing of Performance Specifications
• Mockups

Construction Documents

Construction Documents

• Review Final Construction Scope + Details
• Coordination with Related Trades
• Assist with Pre-Construction Estimation + Services
• Confirm All Green/Sustainability Project + Product Reqs.
• Technical Assistance in Supporting Other Project Consultants
• Review & Write Final Detailed Specification for Bid Documents

Construction Admin Assistance

Construction Admin

• Assistance with Responses to Substitution Requests
• Assistance with Submittal Review
• Assistance with RFI Responses from Contractor/Client
• Assistance in the Field for Application, Challenging Conditions, etc.

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