Handmade with Love in Italy to Last Generations

Poltrona Frau, backed by a great history and tradition, lives in the present. Interpreters of timeless beauty, the company believes in the designs and materials that guarantee wellbeing. Over the last century, Poltrona Frau has integrated modern materials with production techniques relying upon the expertise of generations of artisans.

Architects & Designers

The Poltrona Frau World

The story of Poltrona Frau is the story of the numerous Italian and international architects and designers with which it has collaborated over the years. Some have worked on just a single project, others have collaborated with the company regularly over many years, but all have become an integral part of the Poltrona Frau world.

Pictured: David Chipperfield, Frank Gehry, Gio Ponti, Herzog & De Meuron, Piero Lissoni, Renzo Piano

Iconic Leather

A Trademark, Recognized Today at an International Level

Recognized all over the world, Poltrona Frau’s contemporary designs incorporate its rich history and original promise to produce the highest quality leather office furniture. Its patented Pelle Frau® leather is the result of several years of experimentation into production of the finest quality full grain leather. The 21-step tanning process enhances the sensory pleasure of leather, maintaining the natural softness and durability of the finest hides. The exceptional quality of "Pelle Frau" leather has even earned recognition in the luxury car industry, with Ferrari and Maserati utilizing it for their interiors.

Poltrona Frau Collection

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Leather armchairs and sofas but also bookcases, tables, desks, complementary furnishings... in the end, all Poltrona Frau products are an expression of the same wish.


Modern armchairs and sofas, upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather, have characterized the brand throughout its history since 1912, showcasing its style and impeccable craftsmanship.

Tables, Small Tables, Desks

One of the most eclectic items of furniture in terms of form, materials, size and purpose, near enough essential in every room of the house.

Bookcases & Storage Units

Poltrona Frau comes to our rescue with its designer storage units, items of furniture that combine absolute formal elegance with great functionality.


Poltrona Frau's outdoor furnishing solutions adapt to any outdoor context, with a comprehensive collection for the living room area, lunch area and relaxation area in the garden or at the poolside.

Bespoke Products

Poltrona Frau is able to respond with creativity and experience to the various needs of the most demanding designers and customers, interpreting their thoughts with respect and fidelity and following the work in all its phases.


Going Beyond Design and Aesthetics

Poltrona Frau’s values go beyond design and aesthetics. The company has always concerned itself with sustainability, i.e. of combining the quality of its furniture and complementary accessories with the health of those that produce them and their possible impact on the environment.

A commitment that takes various forms, beginning with its choice of suppliers, strictly amongst the most sensitive to the issue of sustainability. Lots of importance is also attributed to workplace safety and to developing and maintaining a serene atmosphere based on consideration and respect for others, at all levels. Staff training and development are equally important priorities for Poltrona Frau. In fact, only in this way is it possible to maintain long-term working relationships with employees. And to transmit this experience, this expert handcraftsmanship which makes it possible to develop refined and complex projects, hallmark of the brand, to the next generation. People, but also the environment: a company deeply-rooted in its local community, like Poltrona Frau is, must promote it, supporting local cultural or social initiatives. Logistics, the use of energy resources and waste disposal are constantly monitored with the focus on optimisation and sustainable growth. Over the years Poltrona Frau has also been awarded the most important quality, ethics and environmental certification, consolidating its reputation as a committed and responsible company.

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