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Every architect, designer, general contractor, developer and owner ultimately turns to trusted partners for inspiration and support in bringing their commercial projects to life. Since 1991 Architype has been just such a resource to the A+D and real estate communities across Southern California and Nevada. We fuse in-depth architectural design knowledge, technical and engineering expertise and a dynamic portfolio of manufacturers offering truly compelling products and services, all to create stunning results.

Our hand-selected manufacturers stand apart as the best of what our industry has to offer through their targeted, innovative and scalable product offerings and their truly advanced methodologies. Each has been vetted and selected for their clear advantages within their particular fields of expertise. We consider it our role and privilege to educate, guide and support you through introduction to them while quickly aligning to your unique goals.

Through the power of dedicated and aligned rep-manufacturer-client teams, infusing a shared passion for quintessential design and quality results, we will collectively achieve brilliant results on your next project.

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Glass patterned, laminated, etched, digitally printed, textured transforms the way light interacts with interior and exterior architecture by enhancing or defining space. Skyline provides almost limitless possibilities.

Stunning reception desking, seating, and wall panel features via easily-specificable modular units that readily ship and site-install with ease. All the looks of custom… without the hassle or cost.

The beauty of wood with all the benefits of a technical wood composite. WoodN’s wood-and PVC-based polymer mix can be extruded into countless unique shapes and profiles to create an exquisite, highly versatile new wood ideal for indoor and outdoor ceilings, walls, louvres, shade structures, decking and so much more.

Introducing the 2019 Collection by Bright Chair

Introducing the 2019 Collection by Moroso

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