A Champion of European Modernism

Memory, research, innovation. Cassina blends traditional skills and superior productivity, meticulous attention to detail and passion, uniqueness and experimentation, wellbeing and sustainability. Today, the company continues to address new lifestyles with the creation of complete, harmonious interior decor solutions.

Innovative Fusion

The Juxtaposition of Traditional and Innovative Design

Cassina creates high end Italian furniture that is a fusion of industrial technology and artisan manufacturing. Cassina's identity embraces both iconic designs with quality materials and craftsmanship while also using industrial technology to create furniture that honors tradition while looking toward the future of the office. A preeminent design leader and manufacturer of original Italian office furniture, Cassina works with designers to create chairs, sofas, armchairs, and accessories.

Cassina Product Collection

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Explore Cassina furniture. Sofas, armchairs, chairs and furniture complements created by the great names in design, from Le Corbusier to Philippe Starck.


Cassina sofas epitomize the brilliance achieved in the upholstered furniture sector for more than 90 years – a model of beauty and harmony where craftsmanship and innovation come together in the spirit of avant-gardism.


From voluminous, enveloping shapes to compact, square proportions, Cassina’s armchairs are a brilliant expression of furniture know-how, based on the principles of comfort, functionality and style.

Chairs & Small Armchairs

Cassina chairs, lounge chairs and stools are synonymous with the company’s deeply-rooted artisan mastery, delivering the perfect balance between design and functionality.

Tables & Desks

Cassina’s tables bring together high-quality materials and distinguishing features in a trustworthy combination of efficiency, stability and elegance.

Coffee & Side Tables

The modern living landscape gains new options with this versatile and sophisticated range of design low tables.

Cabinets & Bookcases

Perfect symmetry between form and matter permeates a collection of Cassina design cabinets and bookcases in which the design clearly reflects the interior decor’s penchant for elegance and harmony.


The most innovative products are combined with the icons of modern design to create authentic, welcoming and personal open-air settings.

Rethinking the Future of Design

A New Perspective on Sustainability

Cassina is committed to rethinking the future of design on multiple fronts, adopting a more responsible approach towards the environment and society, with the intention of designing new precedents in its industry. In its quest for innovative research and development, Cassina has partnered with the Politecnico University in Milan to create innovative, sustainable design solutions.

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