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Customizable Ceiling Systems
Atmosphera® Adaptive Versa 3D
Atmosphera® Versa 3D unlocks new possibilities for designers looking to bring acoustic performance and storytelling to their spaces.
Use undulating linear baffles to create ceiling scapes that influence people's movement, impression, and memory of the space in a fun, creative way. Provide your own surface design or work with the Arktura team to craft the ceiling’s flow with fins made from Arktura's Soft Sound® acoustic material. Versa 3D’s new framing system uses an inverted t-grid encased in Soft Sound®, making the system extremely flexible and easy to install.
Acoustic Performance
Atmosphera®’s design helps control reverberations and reduces the impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing, and chatter resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment.
Tailored Yet Field Trimmable
Modules are built to your unique project specifications, removing the need for any field trimming and assuring easy installation. However, all Versa 3D fins and ribs are field trimmable to effortlessly accommodate unexpected obstacles.
Customizable Topography
Atmosphera® Versa 3D offers a range of configurable options, allowing you to customize fin topography to fit your space and design vision, with the help of Arktura's project team.