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ImageWall is a perfect combination of high design and high utility, allowing you to easily create custom-perforated surfaces affordably and with flexibility.
These captivating and durable metal features combine modern lines and parametric designs with classic materials and can now be embellished with custom images through the patented process of Zahner ImageWall.
Seamless Transitions
Eliminate panel borders to create a seamless image. Zahner has developed processes to create seamless imagery by enabling perforations to continue across a folded seam or joint. Similar panel systems often leave an unperforated border around each panel, obscuring your imagery with a prominent panel grid. Upload your image to see how, together, we can create a high-impact display where the boundaries between panels fade into the background.
Simple Install
Install your ImageWall quickly and accurately without specialty tools. The ImageWall attachment system is designed to make accurate installation easy. The systems are developed in collaboration with licensed engineers for structural rigidity, yet require no site welding, cutting, or adhesives. Simply Drop and Lock™.
Transparent Pricing
Be prepared and empowered with real-time pricing information. Knowing pricing information early in the design process makes everyone’s life easier. The cost of making an ImageWall is affected by many factors, including material choice, finishing options, and the machine time to perforate the screen. Zahner's ImageWall Configurator can show you the cost impact of your changes as you design your ImageWall so that there are no surprises later in the process. Check it out here –