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Manual Shades
Mecho's latest innovation takes larger and “coupled” commercial shades to the next level.
This breakthrough in technology means the Mecho/7 manual shade system can lift larger, heavier commercial solar shades while still providing the same consistent user experience as the Mecho/5 & Mecho/5x. The 25-year warranty on M/7 includes chain breakage…an industry first!
Lift More with Less
Coupled shades eliminate multiple chain pulls and ensure shades remain at a consistent height.
Upgraded Durability
Mecho/7 clutch improves chain durability with internal urethane bumpers able to withstand 150 pounds of shock force allowing the chain to also be warrantied for 25 years.
Manual to Motorized Shades
Mecho/7 can be seamlessly retrofitted to motorized shades in the future.