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Demising Wall Partitions
PLANIKA demising office wall systems are fully demountable offering versatility and flexibility of design in any space without the long-term commitment of conventional construction.
Its steel structure is robust and its modularity makes it easy to interchange panels and add furnishings in no time. PLANIKA is the perfect solution for all settings including office, retail or hospital, and other healthcare services.
Adaptable to Any Environment
PLANIKA sill and ceiling connectors are fully adjustable, easily demountable, and can absorb any structural condition. The system stands out thanks to its excellent technical performance which makes it first in class in terms of seismic, acoustic, and fire-rated performance. The inner structure is comprised of slotted horizontal and vertical stud extrusions creating a solid frame that allows easy interchangeability of various skin options and the passing of electrical wires.
Countless Possibilities
PLANIKA provides the freedom to customize your workspace without even affecting the internal structure of the system. The ability to utilize modular wood, steel, fabric, drywall, marker/whiteboard within the PLANIKA system makes it an advantageous choice over traditional construction methods. PLANIKA walls are fitted with slots all along the uprights of the structure, giving the ability to hook accessories and furniture to the wall (hangers, cabinets, and drawers, etc.) for optimal use of the space.
Superior Acoustics
PLANIKA offers high-performing acoustical support with tested STC assembly scores estimated between 42-55 depending on selected options.