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Demountable Glass Walls
QUADRO's floating frame creates a picture frame effect, highlighting your office space like a work of art.
Superior Acoustics
QUADRO offers high-performing acoustical support whether you specify the system in single-glazed, double-glazed, or double-glazed with a decorative panel. Single glazed STC assembly score ranges estimate: 34 - 38. Double glazed STC assembly score ranges estimate: 43 – 46 Double glazed with top-hung center decorative panel estimate: 43+
Highlight Your Workspace
Mix and match inner panels with the widest array of finishes including, anodized, powder coat, wood veneer, brushed, and polished finishes.
Customizable Configurations
A designer’s dream, Quadro can be entirely customizable on either the corridor or the office side with its optional snap-on trim.