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Standard Ceiling Systems
SoundBar® acoustical baffle & lighting system delivers high-performance noise reduction and sleek integrated illumination in a single cost-effective, versatile product.
Choose from an assortment of lengths, widths, and depths, in up-facing or down-facing lighting configurations, with power integrated into its suspension cable, simplifying install and removing the unsightly clutter of cords. SoundBar® is available in a wide range of colors, including wood textures, and can be easily mixed and arranged as desired to achieve an endless array of dynamic layouts.
Versatile Endcaps & Universal Joiner Bracket
Choose end caps that blend with your color choice or choose a color scheme that works with the branding of the space. Combine SoundBars® with joiner brackets, resulting in a seamless acoustic beam.
Minimal Hanging & Power Hardware
SoundBar® reduces the visual clutter of hanging and lighting cables with one powered cable on each end.
Compatible with SoftSpan®
SoundBar® offers connectivity with SoftSpan® 24, 48, and 48A modules and perimeter and corner beams to create a multitude of unique layouts with visual continuity across as space.