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Standard Ceiling Systems
Trace® Slide
Trace® Slide's 2'x4' torsion spring panels evoke the outdoors through its biomorphic pattern, mimicking tree bark.
Add visual depth and illumination to your space by incorporating Arktura's integrated InLine Lighting or backlighting options.
Continuous Pattern Aesthetic
Achieve uninterrupted patterning across your space. Trace® patterns have perforations that wrap around the edges of each panel, concealing where patterns start and end.
Integrated Lighting Options
Arktura's Trace® line makes it easy to seamlessly add illumination and lighting effects to your projects, through available integrated InLine and Backlighting options.
Easy Installation & Access
Trace® panels are easy to install, using quick torsion spring attachments across standard ceiling grid systems or simple wall attachments using Arktura’s Vertika® channel system.