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Standard Ceiling Systems
VaporHue™ Pop
VaporHue™ Pop printed and perforated aluminum torsion spring panels add layers of depth with perforated circles and finely dithered printed dots, reminiscent of classical printing methods with a modern twist.
Add visual depth and illumination by incorporating Arktura's integrated InLine Lighting or Backlighting options.
Acoustic Performance
VaporHue™’s optional Soft Sound® backer material reduces the impact of noise from everyday annoyances like ringing, typing, and chatter, resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment. The Soft Sound® backer works in concert with the design to help reduce and control reverberations leaving a lasting impression at scales ranging from conference rooms to assembly halls.
Uninterrupted Pattern Across Panels
Achieve uninterrupted patterning across your space. VaporHue™ patterns have perforations that wrap around the edges of each panel, concealing where patterns start and end.
Easy Installation & Access
VaporHue™ panels offer easy installation and access across walls and ceilings. Ceiling panels are installed using quick torsion spring attachments to standard grid systems. Wall panels are installed using a simple hook-on attachment to Arktura’s Vertika® channel system.