Genuine Craftsmanship

Material OF Choice

Genuine craftsmanship is blended with modern manufacturing processes to deliver the best quality products to clients. Hand-selected wood veneers are laid-up one office suite at a time, perfectly balanced, and matched by skilled artisans.

State-of-the-art manufacturing software tracks each unique part as it moves through the factory, each piece is precision-cut on sophisticated machinery. Millworkers clamp dowel-and-glue casework, hand-fit miters, and hand-sand solid wood to ensure a perfect fit and precise detailing. Finishers skillfully apply wood stains to perfectly sanded veneers, resulting in a durable finish that enhances the inherent natural beauty of wood.


Commitment to the Environment

HALCON understands its positive role in environmental stewardship. HALCON’s commitment to good stewardship and environmentalism is neither new nor driven by market trends, but rather part of the core philosophy that has been present since the inception of the company. HALCON products are FSC certified and Clean Air GOLD certified – click here to view certifications.

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