Office Privacy Pods & Acoustic Booths

Hushoffice revolutionizes office design by offering dynamic, adaptable layouts without the need for extensive interior renovations or professional installation. Hushoffice’s innovative mobile partitions enable the flexible creation of office zones, fostering collaboration while providing a comprehensive workspace solution.

Future-Proof Your Space

What are the benefits of Hushoffice?

User-focused Features

Sensor-Activated Ventilation Lighting

Hushoffice pods feature ventilation and lighting systems that are activated by presence sensors. These systems operate only when the pod is occupied, ensuring efficient energy usage.

Laminated Glass with Acoustic Seal

Hushoffice pods feature laminated glass acoustic seals, effectively minimizing noise infiltration while maintaining transparency and aesthetics in office environments.

Power Modules

Hush can be equipped with a power module, USB Type-A, USB Type-C, and RJ45.

Multiple Finishes

Choose from 40 upholstery color options and 2 case colors to seamlessly integrate your pod into the aesthetic of your space

Biophilic Design

Hushoffice pods can incorporate green accent walls adorned with vibrant plants, seamlessly incorporating elements of nature into the office environment to promote well-being and productivity.

Flexible Spaces to Get Work Done

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Eliminate distractions and support choice of workstyles with Hushoffice pods.

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Hushoffice Sustainability

Striving for Sustainability

Hushoffice is compliant with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard. The company packs and delivers Hush in light recycle-friendly cardboard boxes. Hushoffice cooperates with environmentally responsible providers for components. All wooden components used in Hush have Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) according to ISO 14025 and are FSC-certified.

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