Connect, Collaborate, and Focus in a Room Within a Room

A room within a room that punctuates the floorplan and transforms the open plan, Pergola is designed as a multifunctional space for the contemporary office, an architectural system where employees can connect, collaborate and focus. Its system of freestanding structures, inspired by essential geometric forms, gives shape to a contemporary arbor within the workplace, an area that is open and sheltered at the same time, helping to subdivide open plan offices into different zones. Pergola is easy to specify, install, and reconfigure, and complements base building architecture without the permanence of construction.

Focus or Restore – Alone or Together

Scalable in performance and application

Pergola complements building architecture with simpler planning that adapts to the floorplate without the permanence of construction—so flexibility is built into the DNA of the platform. Pergola offers a broad range of space and room solutions that are scalable in performance and application.

Solutions for Every Space

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From Traditional to Expressive

Pergola provides space delineation in the simplest of forms—or it can be the centerpiece of the floorplate. Change applications by adjusting inserts or tiles or adding drapery. As needs grow, gang rooms together to create larger multipurpose areas or conference rooms where people connect, collaborate, or focus.

User-focused Features

Create Any Room Size

The structure's architectural scale and durability enable room ganging for flexible sizing, with single room options from 4’x4’ to 12’x12’ and 2’ increments in horizontal framing for precise customization.

Visual Privacy

Visual privacy is achieved through architectural slats, ceilings, and drapery, catering to both rectilinear and round spaces

Code Compliant

The structure is code compliant, featuring seismic readiness with brackets for floor anchors, ETL listing for electrical, structural, and fire codes, and adherence to standards such as UL 1286 and CSA C22.2 No. 203

Technology and Data Integration

Technology integration features include in-wall or tech tower electrical and audiovisual options, and plug-and-play electrical components for streamlined connectivity.

Surface Options

Pergola's vertical and horizontal tiles encompass a wide array of options including wallcovering, laminates, markerboard, PET painted aluminum slats, laminate slats, drapery, and glass inserts.

Integrated Lighting Solutions

Pergola offers integrated lighting solutions to enhance functionality and ambiance.


Available accessories such as transaction worksurfaces, coat hooks, worksurface support, and accessory shelves enhance functionality.

Ease of Installation

Components are quick to install and can be easily reconfigured or added to when workspace requirements change


Product Environmental Data  and Certifications

Pergola is manufactured in a zero landfill, 9001 and 14001 certified facility in Holland, MI. This product can be easily disassembled at the end of its useful life. This product is designed to endure and is made of long-lasting, high quality materials. It has replaceable wearing parts for easy disassembly. When a product reaches the end of its useful life, customers and partners are encouraged to avoid landfilling and instead pursue second life options.

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