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When outfitting your workspace, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the countless one-size-fits-all furniture that saturates the market. All Studio Other solutions are highly tailored, prioritizing a deep understanding of end-user behavior and collaborative co-design processes. Studio Other is composed of skilled makers and builders who are dedicated to meticulous attention to detail and a love for exceptional design.

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Fabrication Partners

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Studio Other collaborates with leading fabricators in the United States, emphasizing advanced manufacturing technology in their operations. They employ the latest digital technology for furniture design to maintain consistency and precision in all their projects. Their unique approach is centered around design, as they work with a diverse array of vendors to ensure that specialists are matched with specific project requirements, regardless of how unique the design may be. This approach, combined with digital fabrication methods and engineering, enables Studio Other to swiftly and efficiently scale its operations. Studio Other is open to working with a wide range of materials, including unique finishes and textiles, demonstrating its commitment to meeting all its clients’ needs.

Responsible Manufacturing


Studio Other focuses on design innovation with a commitment to sustainability. Their approach includes intentional sizing of parts to optimize sheet yield and reduce waste in the production process. Additionally, they prioritize custom product development, allowing them to source unique raw materials that align with specific environmental goals for each project.

Material selection is a core aspect of their sustainability efforts. They emphasize high-quality materials that ensure furniture longevity. Their preference for steel, with a high recycled content and post-life-cycle recycling capability, and the use of powder coating, which emits minimal to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reflects their dedication to environmentally friendly choices.

In terms of manufacturing and distribution, Studio Other partners with regional manufacturers to minimize their carbon footprint and enhance quality control. The proximity of design, engineering, and production processes allows for efficient coordination and oversight. Finally, the company prioritizes indoor environmental quality by utilizing low VOC emitting 'Greenguard' certified materials and finishes, which not only enhance interior air quality but also reduce toxicity in their products.

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