Architectural Glass Wall System with Nearly Unlimited Options

The Vector Glass System is a cutting-edge interior wall and ceiling solution that combines advanced extrusion technology from Wall Panel Systems (WPS) with a diverse range of high-quality glass options from Skyline Design. Its patented non-progressive attachment system ensures precise and straightforward installations, while also allowing individual panels to be removed and replaced independently/freely without disturbing neighboring panels. VGS ensures reliability, scalability, and competitive pricing, making it a versatile choice for various architectural projects, aiming to empower designers with limitless design possibilities and instill confidence in specifying/installing decorative glass panels in interior spaces.

Vector System Design Options

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Vector has five in-house attachment design options that all follow the same simple installation procedure. If you decide to celebrate the aluminum profiles between panels, we have a variety of anodized colors for you to choose from, specify any powder coat color or select one of our color anodized finishes.

Vector Shadowline™

The Vector Shadowline System creates a slim 3/16” reveal between panels with a 1/16” wide fin flush with the surface of the glass panels.

Vector Reveal™

The Vector Reveal System creates a wider 3/8” reveal between panels with two 1/8” wide fins flush with the surface of the glass panels.

Vector Conceal™

The Vector Conceal System has no visible extrusions and provides an open joint that you can range from 1/8” to 1” between panels.

Vector Illuminate™

Vector Illuminate provides linear light between the panels and can be combined with the Vector Shadowline or Vector Reveal Systems. Illuminate is designed to equalize the light source and eliminate LED “hot spots”.

Vector Capture™

The Vector Capture System combines a visible extrusion that wraps each panel capturing the glass panel edge by ¼”.

Extrusion Customization

Profile Color Options

Vector offers various colors for spectacular decorative and aesthetic solutions. Glass system profiles are available in any powder coat color or the eight color anodized options below.

Dark Bronze
Medium Bronze
Light Bronze
Rose Gold
Light Brass
Stainless Steel
Clear Anodized

Glass Panel Customization

Glass Design Options

All glass used in Vector is produced by Skyline Design, a Chicago-based company that has been domestically manufacturing inventive and high-quality architectural glass for 40 years.

Vector Color

Vector Color is a collection of vibrant solid colors with depth and brilliance. Choose from our color offerings or specify your own for precise color matching. Our process provides optimal adhesion to the glass using a proprietary, no-VOC, water-based paint.

Vector Silk

Vector Silk presents a range of neutral, vibrant, and mirror finishes with a silky smooth, allover etched surface that minimizes reflectivity. Get creative by combining Vector Etch patterns for a multi-dimensional look.

Vector Etch

Vector Etch engraves a subtle satin finish on the face of the glass. Select from our collection of designer collaborations or supply your own custom artwork. With our digital process, graphics can align seamlessly from panel to panel.

Vector Art

Vector Art showcases museum-quality artwork printed on side 2 of the glass surface, sealed in with an opaque layer. Select from our extensive collection of images or supply your own high-resolution artwork for direct-to-glass printing. Available in multiple glass finishes for varying levels of reflectivity.

Vector Texture

Vector Texture adds dimensional texture to the glass surface through deep engraved patterning, enhanced with back-painted color glass or tinted mirror.

Vector Glow

Vector Glow illuminates a space with back-lit translucent glass panels used with the Vector Capture System. The LED panel and decorative translucent glass are captured within an extrusion that holds each panel but leaves a small gap to help diffuse the LED and prevent hot spots. Ready to install with a dimmable, low voltage transformer.

Utilized by Globally Recognized Designers


Through the Skyline Design partnership, you can select glass panel design from leading designers, artists, and architects that have redefined patterned glass in architecture.

Suzanne Tick

Alexander Girard

Patricia Urquiola


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