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Automated Shades
SolarTrac 4.0
Mecho's newest, most advanced and state-of-the-art patented software solution to automation is now floor-plan based and more user intuitive than ever.
Its proprietary algorithms use ASHRAE models and three roof-mounted radiometers to measure the sun and sky for the full spectrum of light—not just visible light—to raise and lower shades.
Automated Shading for 1,000+ Commercial Shade Zones
SolarTrac 4.0 uses Mecho’s proprietary algorithms to plot the sun's solar impact at any given moment based on the date, time, building GPS location, and glass facade orientation. This information is combined with data from rooftop radiometers that monitor real-time sky conditions and the entire light spectrum (not just visible light) to calculate BTU loads on every window. SolarTrac's sophistication lets you manage more than 1,000 shade zones in any commercial shade project, from multi-story buildings to an entire campus or enterprise. With SolarTrac 4.0 you can analyze and control a comprehensive automated shading system or use manual override on individual roller shades or shade zones.
Smart Shade System Integration, Compatibility and User Friendly Controls
SolarTrac 4.0 is a BACNet certified system compatible with all major building automation systems. Supporting smartphone access, the PC-based program accommodates up to 100 simultaneous users. Use the browser interface to navigate between floors, zones, and smart shade motors. Display an interactive floor plan for visibility of all commercial shade zones and motors, checking status or overriding positions when needed. The automatic shade system’s self-diagnostics alert potential maintenance needs, and custom zone and motor settings can be easily configured.
Maximize Daylight, Optimize Seasonal Building Performance
Utilize the smart shade system to automatically control roller shades and other window treatments on a minute-by-minute basis. Minimizing solar gain in summer and optimizing natural light in winter, Solar Trac 4.0 delivers sustainable automated shades while benefiting the wellness of building occupants. This smart shade solution has been designed to maximize natural daylight while preserving window views, increasing energy efficiency, and improving building energy management to provide an innovative commercial shade solution for optimized building performance.