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Automated Shades
A cost-effective automated-shading system for a maximum of 12-zones that maximizes daylight, increases energy efficiency, and provides a comfortable environment with views to the outside.
Precise, Research-Driven Performance
SunDialer analyzes raw solar-sensor data to determine sky conditions. Mecho's proprietary software calculates the sun’s angle on each window in every zone, taking into account a window’s elevation, shape, and orientation that might obstruct sunlight. SunDialer then adjusts the shade position on the window to manage both the amount of direct sunlight entering a space and the BTU levels on the glass.
Intelligent Shading
Through a controller-based interface, users can easily locate and manually override any individual shade or shade zone based on occupant comfort preferences. Mecho's innovative solar shade cloth weaves continue to provide a view to the outside even when lowered.