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Zahner Surfaces
Explore the extraordinary impact a Zahner Surface can bring to your project.
From copper and steel to aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc, let us help you find the materials and finishes that enhance the impact of your project. Zahner blends the disciplines of architecture, engineering, metallurgy, and fabrication. Their research and new product development teams work with every alloy of metal to apply classic patinations, as well as custom, collaborative palettes of new colors and finishes. Let us help you make your designs more feasible and achievable with our unrivaled expertise and collaborative process that ensures innovation, quality, and beauty.
Zahner SurfaceView
The Zahner SurfaceView tool allows you to experience Zahner Surfaces in 3D environments, simulating the interplay between light, form, and surface. Use the viewers to see how the sun’s movement will play across a facade, or how a surface will appear from vantage points with a fixed light source. Check it out here –