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Zahner is custom at its core, finding solutions to the most complex and challenging projects made in metal.
Capabilities include assistance in project design with full engineering to assure constructability, complete metal fabrication, and onsite installation as required. Through each step, Zahner takes a proactive approach, meeting project requirements and exceeding client expectations.
The Ultimate Challenge
Balancing creativity, costs, and quality is the ultimate challenge for any stakeholder in the design and construction process. Architects want to produce profound designs. Contractors want to build with economy and speed. Owners want to create memorable spaces and places. There are many unknowns that can drive unnecessary costs and confusion. There is often a knowledge gap between design and engineering, materials and applications, attachment points, and installations.
Zahner Assist
Zahner assists in filling crucial gaps, bringing a one-of-a-kind blend of architecture, engineering, technology, metallurgy, and fabrication to every design project. From design, prototyping, and engineering, to fabrication and installation, the Zahner Assist team has the experience and engineering acumen under one roof to make projects feasible, achievable, and affordable. They strive to make thoughtful, well-informed recommendations that often save weeks in construction schedules and millions in construction costs.