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Motorized Shades
ElectroShade with iQ2-AC
ElectroShade with iQ2-AC puts daylight control at your fingertips.
iQ2-AC delivers robust, building-wide performance with a quiet and robust motor tucked into the shade tube that delivers high-torque lifting capacity (6 to 200Nm) that can handle a flexible array of shade sizes. Networked components and flexible control options that are configurable for on-or-off-site operation.
Wiring Made Simple
Eliminating external controllers and streamlining the wiring, iQ2-AC embraces the reliability and scalable power of AC induction motors while reducing the installed cost. iQ2-AC features a daisy-chain wiring for both power and networking, eliminating the need for power equipment in an electrical closet or ceiling. In addition, this intelligent AC motor provides DC power to accessories eliminating separate power connections. Low voltage MechoNet communication and power connections daisy-chain between motors through simple splitters eliminating the spiderweb of wiring caused by homerun connections.
Networking Gone Native
MechoNet, our advanced communications network, is built into every iQ2-AC. That means iQ2-AC can provide network control, in addition to dry contact control. In addition to iQ2 integration, MechoNet allows SolarTrac to communicate with existing lighting, A/V, and building automation systems.