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Motorized Shades
ElectroShade with iQ2-DC
ElectroShade with iQ2-DC is an intelligent motor with internal shade system diagnostics.
There’s a reason iQ is in the product name: It has precision-control electronics and MechoNet™ all inside one shade tube. The iQ2-DC motor is so advanced it will even alert building managers to potential maintenance issues before it creates an interruption in shade functionality or downtime, preventing shade damage, wear and tear, and reducing repair costs. It is the only UL-listed DC motor solution on the market as a full tested system.
Engineered for Power, Enhanced for Motorized Solar Shade Performance
The iQ2-DC has the largest lift capacity in its class, raising roller shades as large as 600 sq. ft. Meaning bigger single or coupled shades can be lifted with the low-voltage (24VDC) motor. iQ2-DC also combines low voltage dry contact control and bi-directional serial networking directly within the head of the motor. Low voltage power coupled with low voltage control and networking now combine to deliver the lowest installed cost of any shade solution while providing the energy efficiency and refined control with soft starts and stops available with DC motor technology.
Almost Inaudible, a Motorized Shade System Without Distraction
iQ2-DC is ideal for libraries, education, and healthcare facilities and benefits hospitality and workplace environments. iQ2-DC is strong and silent, offering the industry's best power to sound-level performance.