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Motorized Shades
ElectroShade with iQ3-DC
The iQ3-DC system brings a whole new level of value to shading systems with its innovative obstacle detection feature.
Shades can be damaged during operation when they run into obstacles like furniture or objects resting on a window sill. These obstructions typically cause the fabric to telescope, potentially damaging or possibly even dislodging the entire shade. The iQ3-DC motor's patent-pending obstacle detection helps to avoid these situations by monitoring the shade movement and sensing changes. This breakthrough feature can help prevent disruptive and costly shade maintenance situations, and reduce workspace disturbance.
An All-New Wireless Shade Solution
iQ3-DC eliminates the expense and complexity of local control wiring. This motorized solution marries MechoNet's intelligence and 2-way communication with the convenience of wireless or wired control. A 2-way wireless system improves real-time performance of the motorized shade system, enhancing long-term reliability and ensuring that commands are received, acted upon, and confirmed back to the control.
Improved Room Economics
When planning with iQ3-DC motors, up to a 60% cost reduction is possible when powered by Power Panels. Unlike traditional wireless planning, cost per zone can now be optimized with a combination of higher-cost wireless and lower-cost serial motors. The first iQ3-DC motor distributes power and MechoNet commands to all other motors The result is a system that reduces wiring requirements and eliminates the need for wireless infrastructure equipment (repeaters, routers, etc.), Improving overall wiring and configuration costs.
Motorized Shades for Narrow Windows
The iQ3-DC motor packs a lot of power into a chassis that is 33% smaller than our competition. The minimum shade width is 21.5" for this quiet motor which helps ensure the same solution can be applied across a project. The smaller 40mm motor diameter allows for a 20% larger shade size in the same pocket dimension providing an overall less invasive profile.