Glass Partitions: Art Meets Science

Wall systems by Interior Walls Solutions are the melding of leading design, advanced science, and precise manufacturing. To us, walls are a business transcending “product” and extending deep to our genuine passion for innovating new possibilities. IWS designers and engineers have crafted the industry’s most systemically-beneficial glass wall toolsets for architects and designers to do their job… transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments and experiences.

Demountable Walls

What are demountable walls?

Demountable walls, also referred to as movable walls and demountable partitions, are architectural wall systems that can be unmounted, relocated, and reinstalled at a new location. This flexibility creates reconfigurable spaces, allowing the transformation of traditional offices into open plans and vice versa.

Future-Proof Your Space

Demountable Wall Benefits

Thinking of the flexible, adaptable, healthy future of spaces where people work? Break the grid of fixed plans and build-outs with demountable wall systems.

What's Right For You?

Three architectural wall systems. And unlimited possibilities.

Interior Walls Solutions has developed a whole portfolio of wall solutions that expand what you can do inside a building’s architecture. Enclose, Enclose Frameless Glass (EFG), and Trivati provide three beautiful, practical ways to meet a variety of specific needs. No matter what your reasons for choosing architectural walls, there is a product tailored just for you.

Office Walls & Meeting Room Solutions

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Thinking of the flexible, adaptable, healthy future of spaces where people work? Break the grid of fixed plans and build-outs with Interior Wall Solutions.

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Elegance & Functionality Meets Sustainability

Striving for Sustainability

Drawing from experts from within the company and outside our industry, Haworth developed ambitious targets for leveraging its core strengths and driving its mission forward. The result of the collaborative work is a focused strategy centered on three key areas that form a road map for continuous improvement: People & Community, Circular Economy, and Operational Performance. Within each area of its strategy, Haworth developed its Core Commitments to be achieved by 2025.

People & Community
Focus on building strong relationships with and support for internal and external stakeholders, through empowering people and contribution to the sustainable development of communities.

Circular Economy
Optimize resource utilization and closed loop material flows, through sustainable product design and circular services offering for continual use of resources.

Operational Performance
Focus on improving our footprint, through optimized resource use and minimized impact of buildings, packaging, manufacturing, and transportation.

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