Meet the Masters of Metal

For 120+ years, A. Zahner & Company has pioneered and led the architectural metals industry by applying aerospace-level engineering and production quality - always in direct client partnership with some of the leading minds in design and architecture - to the fabrication of globally recognized, award-winning art and architecture.

Philosophy & Expertise

Custom at its Core

From patented facade and metal-cladding systems to custom metal perforations, patinas, and finishes, Zahner has a comprehensive range of architectural metal products and custom capabilities to help bring your most ambitious design aspirations to life.

Ordinary Budget, Extraordinary Impact

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Zahner is custom at its core, finding solutions to the most complex and challenging projects made in metal.

Image Wall

ImageWall is a perfect combination of high design and high utility, allowing you to easily create custom-perforated surfaces affordably and with flexibility.

Zahner Surfaces

Explore the extraordinary impact materials, colors, and finishes can bring to your project.

Zahner Patterns

Zahner Patterns combines patterning expertise with metallurgy and patination knowledge to provide metal design solutions that transform your project from the everyday to the incredible.


Comprehensive Solutions for Your Next Project

Zahner develops a number of different solutions for artists, designers, and engineers. Each solution offered by Zahner can be designed, engineered, and fabricated in a variety of bespoke offerings.

Canopy Systems
Parking Garage Facades
Fin-Based Facades
Roof Systems
Ceiling Systems
K-12 Education
Guardrail Systems
Column Cladding
Entryway Systems
Mullion & Transom


Metal’s Role in Sustainable Architecture

Metals are different from nearly all other materials used in our built environment. Once the useful life has ended, the metal is collected and recycled. During the recycling, the metal is remelted and reshaped, gaining back all of its original mechanical properties. Essentially, the metal is reborn to take on a new form and purpose. Metals are the only material used in constructing our world that can be used over and over again—forever. Learn More

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