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BranchClad Interiors
Create unforgettable interior spaces with BranchClad’s lightweight 3D panel system.
Each panel may have unique design features to create an articulated façade that can ripple, wave, or undulate unlike any other. You, as the designer, are set free from the rectilinear constraints of typical building materials.
Cost-effective Customization
Each panel geometry can be uniquely shaped, allowing for mass customization. Branch's parametric framework for processing, subdividing, and producing the panels that make up the system enables the price point to remain consistent even while the individual panels vary in size and shape. BranchClad is affordable with normal geometries and extremely cost-effective when it comes to more complex geometries.
Material and Time Efficient
Traditional construction methods produce massive amounts of material waste that threaten our planet. Branch Technology is shifting the paradigm with a "Zero-Waste" construction method that uses 20x less material and 5x less production time.