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BranchMatrix™ is an open lattice material that can take on virtually any shape or form.
Made with Branch Technology's unique C-Fab® process, BranchMatrix can be used for a variety of applications and can be painted in any color for aesthetic diversity.
Build Like Nature
Nature builds with ultimate efficiency and design freedom. BranchMatrix™ is Branch’s way of replicating these principles. Its 3D-printed open lattice material can take on virtually any shape or form. It is lightweight and structurally optimized by leveraging geometry and manages materials efficiently.
Resource Stewardship
If provided a specific target volume, the matrix uses 20x less material than traditional solid-volume layered printers to create that same geometry.
Remarkable Strength
A test block printed with carbon-fiber-reinforced ABS can support more than 3,000 lbs of compressive force, boasting a strength-to-weight ratio of approximately 1500:1.