Mastering Light and Performance Through Innovation and Quality

Mecho is the premier, industry-leading solutions provider for state-of-the-art manual, motorized, automated, and integrated shading systems. Mecho’s commitment to environmentally responsible, human-centric design is enhanced further by its energy-saving products and advanced control systems leading them to be recognized as the preferred solution provider to the A+D community, owners, developers, and contractors.

Why Mecho

Mecho's Benefits to Occupants

  1. Unparalleled quality and durability
  2. Intuitive, easy-to-use systems
  3. Comfort and convenience
  4. Privacy and security
  5. UV protection for furnishings, art, and plants
  6. Daylight control while retaining view
  7. Elegant, clean, uniform look
  8. Energy savings from reduced lighting and cooling costs
  9. Scalable automation
  10. Smart Home/Office control integration
  11. Seamless future manual to motorized retrofit

Why Mecho

Mecho's Benefits to

  1. Proven, patented componentry, fabrics and systems
  2. 50+ years of scalable shading solutions
  3. Unmatched reliability in performance and quality
  4. Uniform facade management and beauty complements the exterior architecture and the building’s curb appeal
  5. Value-added marketing benefits for prospective tenants and/or buyers
  6. Reduced energy and operating costs
  7. Multiple privacy, security and blackout options
  8. Industry-leading warranty
  9. AC/DC/Battery motors and cost-saving ElectroPocket options
  10. Open platform wired and wireless controls for ease of integration and cost savings
  11. Manual to motorized upgrade options available for future conversion of rental-to-sale (condo conversion)
  12. Consultative, local support throughout to help you specify the right solution and the correct shadecloth for your glass type, exposure, and application

Performance-Proven Products

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Leading the Sustainable Way

Leading the Sustainable Way

For 20+ years Mecho has adopted and operated under the Cradle to Cradle design methodology. We have consistently ensured the use of healthy materials that can be perpetually cycled and recycled while protecting the environment and building occupants. With the expansion of the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute’s v4 Standard, Mecho continues to demonstrate its environmental commitment against the most rigorous standards in our industry.

Mecho’s additional environmental standards, protocols, and certifications include:

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